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Cheers to Dads Everywhere


Looking for the perfect Father’s Day cocktail gift for the old man or husband? Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, especially if they see themselves as the mixology world’s next big thing! Understandably, this can be a tall order but fear not, we have you covered with our Father’s Day cocktail gift guide. What better way to show your appreciation for the cocktail-loving dad than by giving him a gift that will take his passion – or obsession – to the next level?

With Father’s Day around the corner, here’s our top 7 incredibly thoughtful Father’s Day gifts made for dads who love drinking cocktails and a variety of liquors like vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, and more.


Premium Bar Tools 14-Piece Set ($28.99)

Kick-start the old man’s home bar with this Premium Bar Tools 14-piece set from world-renowned culinary brand, FineDine. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these pieces are anti-smudge, easy to clean, and fingerprint-free. They’re also extremely durable so you won’t have to worry about dents and scratches as dad practices his slick bartending moves. If you’re looking for something fancier (and more expensive), this 10-piece Mixology Bartender Copper Bar Set ($127) has rave reviews.

This set contains every tool imaginable to start your very own home bar, making it the ideal Father’s Day gift for budding mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts. With these classy bar tools paired with our delicious LAVA premium craft cocktail mixers, Dad will be (unofficially) anointed the “House Mixologist”.


Chillz Extreme Ice Ball Molds ($18.97)

Enhance the flavor of your dad’s favorite cocktails, scotch or whiskey with this ice ball mold kit, which allows you to create sphere-shaped ice that melts slower than traditional ice cubes. Designed to keep cocktails cool — just like Dad (cough, cough) — so grab this ice ball mold and our premium cocktail bundle for the perfectly cool Father’s Day cocktail gift combo. Made with high-quality food-grade silicone, these molds are flexible, easy to use, and even easier to clean.

But these molds aren’t just limited to alcoholic beverages; dear ol’ dad can also use them for his iced coffee before heading off to work. Without a doubt, this Father’s Day cocktail gift is a game-changer!


Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – Set of 4- HANDCRAFTED Pure Solid Copper Mugs – 16 oz 4 Cocktail Copper Straws and 1 Shot Glass with Recipe Booklet ($52.99)

This popular vodka-and-ginger beer concoction is considered to be one of the most popular cocktails out there; a regular feature in bar menus all across the globe. If you’re looking to enhance your Dad’s Moscow Mule experience then this four copper mug and straw set is your best bet! These mugs look and feel like intricately handcrafted pieces, promising to take you back to the charm of the old world without having to step out of the 21st century. Additionally, they allow ice cubes to stay cool longer and the handles are comfortable to grasp, not to mention aesthetically-pleasing too.

For a Moscow Mule experience like no other, pair your impressive mugs with this Premium Spicy Mix from LAVA Craft Cocktail Mixers. Made with ginger beer, real ginger puree, and key lime juice, it boasts of all the incredible flavors that have made the Moscow Mule a timeless classic. Perfectly spicy, sour, tart, and sweet, the quality and taste of this mix is unmatched. Simply add a splash of your vodka of choice and you’re good to go! This is definitely the perfect Father’s Day cocktail gift for your old man.


Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses – for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka – 850ml ($51.78)

Hand blown elegant whiskey decanter dispenser featuring an etched globe design and antique ship in the bottle will undoubtedly enhance your drinking experience while making a bold impression. Patented set includes whisky decanter with 2 matching globe design old fashioned whiskey glasses fitted onto mahogany stained tray. Gold stopper adds a touch of class while keeping your spirits sealed.


Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee – 4 Bag Coffee Set ($39.95)

BOURBON COFFEE BOX SET (16oz) of Bourbon, Malt Whiskey, Rye Whiskey & Rum: Grade 1 whole bean single origin coffee. Get 4 Barrel Aged Coffee flavors in a handsome box set. Kentucky Bourbon (Colombian), American Single Malt Whiskey (Sumatra), Rye Whiskey (Ethiopian), and Rum (Rwanda) barrel aged coffee. We pair our single origin sourced coffee beans with Sons Of Liberty’s award winning whiskey and Thomas Tew Rum and Kentucky Bourbon barrels.


Whiskey Glass Set of 2 – Bourbon Whiskey Stones Gift Set – Rocks Whisky Chilling Stones – Scotch Glassess Gift in Wooden Box ($47.95)

ALL-IN-ONE GLASSWARE GIFT BOX: Whisky glasses (10oz / 300ml) made for tasting the full flavor of whisky, bourbon, scotch. 8 natural granite whisky stones kit keep the drink saturated without diluting melted ice. The velvet bag will protect chilling rocks for a long time. Tongs and 2 slate table coasters perfectly complement this gorgeous bourbon gift set. Cool whiskey glass gift boxed set will be premium gift for whiskey drinker.


Libbey Mixologist 18-Piece Cocktail Glass Set ($32.56)

The Libbey Mixologist Bar in a Box 18-piece Set provides all of the fundamental glass shapes and sizes for you to mix up daring drinks and classic cocktails: cooler glasses, margarita glasses, poco glasses, and shot glasses, along with a strainer and a mixing glass. Grab this glass set and pair it with our LAVA Variety Bundle of premium cocktail mixers and your dad will be rocking the best cocktails in town. Turn it into a recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription (that you can cancel anytime) to keep on giving Dad his favorite cocktails.

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Father’s Day is just around the corner so be sure to check out these incredible gifts that are made for cocktail-loving dads everywhere. Trust us, he’ll definitely be impressed!

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