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Real Ingredients, No Junk

Made with real ingredients uniquely curated from all over the world.

Low Calories, Big Flavor

Makes the perfect cocktail every time. No fuss, no mess. Big flavors without the guilt.

Award Winning

Consumer Awards seem to think we're pretty good.

Small Batched

Handcrafted in small batches for maximum freshness and taste.

Unique Twists on the Classic Cocktails

Just because you’re having a cocktail doesn’t mean you should care less about what’s inside.

Our goal from day one is all about elevating your cocktail experience so what you get in every bottle of LAVA is big delicious flavor, real unique ingredients, small batch freshness, and the perfect cocktail every time. No fuss, no mess, no junk.

Our Story

Disrupting the cocktail mixer market

We started from ground zero. We had no fancy equipment or rich investors. It all started in a garage with a cool $500 we scrapped together, rented Uhaul trucks for deliveries, a recipe scribbled in a notepad we spent about 18 months perfecting, and the passion to make a change. The LAVA movement was founded on our love for great tasting cocktails and the frustration at the lack of any unique high quality options. It drove us mad. We had all of these amazing liquors but the stores were stockpiled with heavily processed mixers with an ingredients list we couldn't even pronounce. That's when two friends coming from diverse backgrounds in fine dining, hospitality, culinary and business got together and decided to do something about it.

Imported San Marzano Italian Tomatoes

Real tomatoes freshly juiced into every bottle.

Made with the world's best tomatoes -- full bodied, silky red, San Marzano Italian tomatoes vine ripened, hand picked and steam peeled. It's the hard way (and expensive way) to do it but the right way.

lava all natural bloody mary mix
Freshly juiced San Marzano Italian tomatoes in every bottle.
Only the good stuff. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives.
Bold flavor, smooth texture, never water with just enough spiciness.
Only 25 calories and 4 carbs per serving. Zero grams of fat and cholesterol. No sugar added.
Gluten free bloody mary. Vegan friendly, no animal products.

Join the revolution. Drink better, drink LAVA.

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